Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fiesta 2011 a Success!

This year's annual Spanish Heritage Fiesta was well attended and most appeared to be enjoying themselves. Our Spanish conversation group "Reunion en Espanol" performed the four Spanish songs that we had practiced over the past 8 weeks. The songs were traditional songs selected by our musical director, Oscar. For 8 weeks every Monday night, several members would meet at the home of Oscar & Debbie to practice singing. Oscar not only plays guitar beautifully, he sings and writes songs, too. He has a small music studio in his basement! The songs included: "Piel Canela" "Quizas" "Perfidia" and "La Bamba." There were over 90 people who attended our fiesta this year. Wednesday before we decorated and had a dress rehearsal. We wore ethnic clothing and everyone looked fabulous! Julie, Sal, and Oscar played guitars, with Oscar on the lead guitar. Our performance was quite good until we made a mistake on the song La Bamba. But, we recovered quickly and laughed with the audience! After the fiesta we had a "cast party" to celebrate. All in all it was a fun filled evening, meeting new people, enlightening all about Hispanic cultural aspects, music and songs, in particular. Here are a few photos to highlight the evening.