Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Friday Evening Spanish Class at Fiesta en Jalisco

Hola, Everyone! Recently students of the Friday evening Spanish class (held at the North Valley Public Library) went on a field trip to a Mexican restaurant to practice their conversational skills for travel. It was a lively event to say the least! Teacher, Oscar Macz, was accompanied by his lovely wife, Debbie and their toddler son, Thomas, who was very entertaining. Besides other classmates, students were able to converse with the staff many of whom are natives of Mexico. Those staff members were informed of some of the services offered at their local library. Oscar has created a web site for his class. If you are interested in learning more, go to: www.spanishschoolscoban.com
Here is a photo of the NVPL Friday Evening Spanish class (also known as The Big Enchilada).

Sunday, February 6, 2011

February Update from North Valley Public Library

Hello, Everyone! It has been a while so let me catch you up since the holidays.

Oscar Mazc is teaching a formal class on Spanish on Friday nights from 6:15 - 8 pm. So far we have had about 6 or 8 weeks of classes and there are approximately 8 regular students. Oscar also recently began teaching Spanish to home schooled children ages 5-10 years old on Friday afternoons from 4-5 pm. There are approximately 6 children in that class. Oscar is teaching these classes at no cost, asking only that students donate (whatever they can afford) to the library as we begin the major remodel of our buildings. Muchas gracias, Oscar, you are one of our heroes!

In January we had two celebrations - Spanish Conversation Group "Reunion en Espanol" members Catalina Gerner (our facilitator) (on the left) and Marge Wood (on the right) both had "cumpleanos" (birthdays). We had a fiesta one week, then another the following week (boy, we sure like to party!) when Missoula members, Walter and Tricia, visited to celebrate the birthdays of Catalina and Marge.

Last week we watched the documentary film "Other Side of Immigration" produced by Roy Germano. This 2009 film won numerous awards world wide. Germano interviewed over 700 native Mexicans, many of whom continue to emigrate to the US to work. The film focused on the reasons behind the mass exodus of immigrants from Mexico to the US and the effect this is having on their family members left behind, as well as the economies of their regions. The interviews were mostly in Spanish with English sub titles which provided our audience with an excellent learning experience in the language; there were people with very different educational levels and people with many different dialects. A very informative and thought provoking film from the perspective of those who emigrate to our country. Highly recommend it!

Catalina Gerner and I are working on the edits to the North Valley Public Library website's Spanish section. Check out our website at www.northvalleylibrary.org. Suggestions are welcome!
Maybe some photos of our annual fiestas??? Or links to some relevant websites??

We will continue our weekly conversation group at our usual time of 6-7:30 pm on Wednesdays. If you are interested in joining our Spanish language class on Fridays, please do! You are all welcome. If you know of any newcomers to our area of Hispanic heritage, please invite them to join our conversation group.
Hasta Luego! Amy